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7 Ingenious Ways You Can Do With Best Sports Cars | best sports cars

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A 2019 S60, beneath wraps. It will be the aboriginal U.S.-made Volvo.

7 Best Sportscars We’ve Driven this year – best sports cars | best sports cars

Hakan Samuelsson, the arch controlling administrator of Volvo Car Group, is sitting in the adept bedchamber in the home of a burghal Stockholm ancestors he’s never met. His aggregation has busy the modernist three-story abode of albino copse and whitewashed walls for the media addition of Volvo’s new abject wagon, the V60.

Alternating groups of American, British, German, and Scandinavian journalists army in for abbreviate question-and-answer sessions. It’s Samuelsson’s aboriginal and apparently aftermost bedchamber interview, but he plays along. “You can lie bottomward and relax,” he tells reporters, gesturing to the queen-size bed as a beam creases his broken face.

Outside, ablaze February snow flutters accomplished willows and pines digest a argent V60 bathed in camera lights in the driveway. It was designed, like so abounding Volvos, for burghal families gluttonous safe, reliable transportation. But the adapted ambience for this columnist accident is meant to advance that today’s Volvo is a far cry from the Volvo of a decade ago, aback it was accident money, affairs beneath cars by the year, and watching its aptitude for architecture and engineering get watered bottomward by then-owner Ford Motor Co. Alike the calm wagon, the apotheosis of archetypal Volvo, has taken on a new attending in the sleek, low V60. A Gear Patrol analysis alleged it—remember, this is a abject wagon—“positively lust-worthy.”

The car wouldn’t exist, and Samuelsson wouldn’t be jawing with journalists in a stranger’s house, if it weren’t for a aforetime abstruse Chinese billionaire alleged Li Shufu. For a continued time, Li was accepted mostly for architecture abominable little cars for Chinese consumers affairs their aboriginal vehicles. In 2010, his Zhejiang Geely Holding Group Co. bought Volvo from Ford at a fire-sale price. Samuelsson became CEO in 2012, and aback afresh Volvo has congenital an agent bulb and two agent accumulation factories in China, additional addition accumulation adeptness in South Carolina, while accretion analysis and development centers in Sweden and California. By the end of this year the aggregation will accept alien nine models, about replacing its absolute artefact lineup. For 2017, Volvo arise sales of 571,577 cartage and operating accumulation of $1.76 billion—both annal for the 91-year-old company—with acquirement of $26.3 billion. Volvo afresh alleged Citigroup Inc., Goldman Sachs Group Inc., and Morgan Stanley for admonition on a abeyant antecedent accessible alms gluttonous a appraisal of as abundant as $30 billion.

Failed marriages clutter the auto industry: Daimler and Chrysler, General Motors and Saab, Ford and Jaguar. This one appears to be working. And Li has pulled it off by both defying the average of the busy new buyer and abrogation his fingerprints all over Volvo’s transformation. Somehow, Volvo is still the Swedish cast that makes abject wagons and prides itself on safety, yet at Li’s prodding, it has additionally become a baton in arising technologies, demography on challenges that companies its admeasurement usually leave to GM and Toyota Motor Corp.

It’s allotment of Li’s above plan to body China’s aboriginal all-around automotive company. In the accomplished year, through assorted Geely enterprises, he has accumulated a 9.7 percent pale in Germany’s Daimler AG, maker of Mercedes-Benz, as able-bodied as 51 percent of British sports car maker Lotus Cars and 49.9 percent of Malaysia’s Proton Holdings. Zhejiang Geely additionally invested $3.3 billion in Volvo AB, the truckmaker aforetime affiliated with Volvo Cars, and acquired flying-car abecedarian Terrafugia. Li’s adventures arise to accept the tacit approval of the Chinese government, admitting his actuality a clandestine abettor allusive adjoin China’s abounding state-owned companies. He beneath to acknowledgment questions for this story.

As the best acquired allotment of Li’s vision, Volvo offers the clearest adumbration of how he adeptness accomplish it. “He gave us assurance again,” says Lex Kerssemakers, a top Volvo controlling beneath both Ford and Geely. “It’s not that they came with a bag of money; absolutely the opposite. The absolute turnaround of Volvo has been financed by Volvo’s banknote flow. They larboard us abandoned and had the backbone as an broker not to booty our money but to reinvest it in a new artefact portfolio. We were abutting to actuality asleep in 2010. And actuality we are.”


“Please beware alligators,” says the green-and-white assurance on a afresh paved alley arch to America’s newest auto accumulation plant, 40 afar northwest of Charleston, S.C. “Do not augment wildlife.”

The complex, amidst by swamp and forest, is Volvo’s aboriginal to body cartage in the U.S. Later this year it will alpha bearing S60 sedans for auction in the U.S. and eventually for consign to China and added markets. In a few years the bulb is accepted to be broadcast to acquiesce for the accumulation of XC90 SUVs, which would addition anniversary accumulation accommodation to 150,000 cartage and bifold the cardinal of workers to about 4,000.

Overseeing the activity is Katarina Fjording, Volvo’s carnality admiral of accomplishment and acumen for the Americas. She’s a built-in of Gothenburg, Sweden, area Volvo is based, and a automated architect who’s been with the aggregation on and off for added than 20 years. She supervised architecture of the Volvo accumulation and agent plants in China afore affective to South Carolina in 2015. Amid hiring workers, talking to senators, and appointment with bounded admiral on a new artery interchange, Fjording has begin the U.S. trickier than China, area Geely was already authoritative cars and had an accustomed acumen and supplier base.

The Best Daily Driver Sports Cars for 7 | - best sports cars

The Best Daily Driver Sports Cars for 7 | – best sports cars | best sports cars

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In South Carolina, she says, “we’ve done aggregate from scratch.” She’s debating whether to accumulate the acting adhesive bulb Volvo had congenital on the site. It has produced 160,000 cubic yards of accurate for architecture foundations while extenuative the aggregation money in barter ammunition and acid bottomward on barter air emissions.

Across the country in Silicon Valley, Volvo’s arch agenda officer, Atif Rafiq, doesn’t accept to accord with reptiles. But abandoned a year or so afterwards ambience up an addition centermost for the company, he needs added amplitude for a growing agents of about 90 engineers and programmers. He’s aloof landed a atom in Sunnyvale, not far from Waymo, Alphabet Inc.’s self-driving car business.

Best electric sports cars - YouTube - best sports cars

Best electric sports cars – YouTube – best sports cars | best sports cars

From its founding in Gothenburg in 1927, Volvo has been admired as an innovator, with a diffuse account of inventions, including the three-point assurance belt in 1959. Now Rafiq has the job of blame Volvo advanced of larger, wealthier rivals with such innovations as agenda keys that facilitate ride-sharing as Volvo contest to advance electric and self-driving cars. Samuelsson has said at atomic bisected of Volvo’s articles will be electrics by 2025.

After Rafiq abutting Volvo in 2017, one of his aboriginal moves was to actuate the aggregation to admission Luxe, a startup whose app schedules aide casework such as parking, fueling, and car washes. “The car needs its 20,000-mile service, annihilation too complicated, but do you absolutely appetite to absorb the half-hour to and from? That should all be accessible through this,” Rafiq says, brandishing his phone. On one level, though, the angle to buy Luxe was a analysis for his new employer—he capital to see how agilely administration would act on his idea. It was a done accord in about three months. “That’s appealing quick,” he says.

Despite its addition bona fides, Volvo has never had the backpack to go head-to-head with European rivals BMW AG and Daimler, let abandoned the cast of Toyota and Volkswagen AG, which anniversary advertise about 20 cartage for every one awash by Volvo. “Honestly,” says Henrik Green, Volvo’s chief carnality admiral for analysis and development, “we’ve been abaft abaft exceptional antagonism for 90 years, array of in amid the accumulation brands and the exceptional brands.” The challenges of this bazaar position were parsed in a 2013 abstraction of the Geely-Volvo accord appear by the Thunderbird School of All-around Administration at Arizona State University. “Smaller volumes meant Volvo could accomplish abandoned minor, incremental archetypal changes from year to year,” which in about-face bedfast its adeptness to accession prices, it noted.

Before Samuelsson abutting Volvo’s board, anon afterwards Geely bought the company, he collection Audis, BMWs, and Saabs rather than Volvos. Professionally he’d been in trucks, and he knew little about Volvo’s time as allotment of Ford. “Something went wrong,” he says. “I was not there, but I anticipate the numbers announce that amount was not created.”

Ford paid $6.5 billion for Volvo in 1999, allotment of a affluence cast accretion affair that included Jaguar and Aston Martin. By 2008, Ford was disturbing to survive the Abundant Recession, and new CEO Alan Mulally, backward of Boeing Co., absitively to abandon best of the adorned brands, including Volvo.

The Swedes were appealing abundant screwed. They’d succeeded in afraid the broad accumulated affiliation that would accord to the atrophy of Saab Automobile AB, Sweden’s added above carmaker, beneath GM. But Volvo’s anatomy and agent technology had been partly subsumed into Ford’s, and Ford wasn’t absorbed in bartering whomever bought Volvo with powertrains forever. So -to-be buyers were adorable at a aggregation that didn’t accept its own band of engines and chassis.

In aboriginal 2008, Volvo fabricated a agnostic best that would admonition save the company. Rather than abide to absorb its bound Ford-authorized account on several altered auto platforms, Green says, “We could booty that money and advance a super-competitive architecture—but abandoned one.” It would circumduct about a four-cylinder agent instead of the five- and six-cylinder engines commonly accepted in the ample affluence agent bazaar Volvo best coveted. Aggregation engineers “thought we were nuts,” Kerssemakers recalls. “It was spitting in the church.” Volvo’s engineers bashed the new four-cylinder agent abundant to accomplish added than 300 horsepower, an accomplishment Consumer Letters alleged “astonishing.”

Watching from China, Li was impressed. He’d anticipation Volvo was underappreciated by Ford and had craved the aggregation alike afore it went up for sale. To Li, a amorous abecedarian poet, Volvo was a “mysterious, admirable woman,” the apotheosis of the affectionate of automaker he’d dreamed of creating, as he already told the Wall Street Journal.

Li grew up a farmer’s son on China’s eastern bank and fabricated his aboriginal money as a photographer. Later, he started a refrigerator genitalia company, afresh angry a motorcycle bulb into the carmaker Geely. (“Geely” sounds like the Mandarin chat for “auspicious.”) The company’s aboriginal car, the Haoqing, came off the accumulation band in 1998, to be followed by a alternation of baby cars with odd names—King Kong, Urban Nanny, Beauty Leopard—for the low end of China’s apace growing market. They were bargain and abominably built—a J.D. Power & Associates affection analysis in 2008 ranked Geely aftermost amid 36 Chinese brands.

For admonition on how to get Volvo, Li angry to above BP Plc controlling Peter Zhang, who’d afresh abutting Geely. Zhang, who spent eight years on Volvo’s lath afore abrogation recently, says Li saw the old Swedish aggregation as aggregate Geely wasn’t. Geely “didn’t accept a aggressive advantage in technology, R&D, design, or operations,” Zhang says. Aback Li began his pursuit, “it was abundant to not get laughed out of the room. People anticipation this was aloof crazy.”

Ford initially coiled off Li’s advances, conceivably because Geely generated about a sixth of Volvo’s revenue. But Li assuredly assertive Ford he was serious, and in March 2010, Geely ancestor Zhejiang Geely Holding bought Volvo for $1.8 billion in banknote and debt—about a division of what Ford had paid. Li abiding two Chinese municipalities to dent in. Volvo had awash 335,000 cars the year before, bottomward from a aiguille of 458,000 in 2007. Li vowed to admonition it clean after micromanaging. “Volvo is Volvo and Geely is Geely,” he said.

Top 7 Best Sports Cars 7 | Autocar - best sports cars

Top 7 Best Sports Cars 7 | Autocar – best sports cars | best sports cars

Skeptics predicted Geely would agitate out low-grade Volvos like affected Rolexes. They didn’t anticipate Li, who doesn’t allege Swedish or English well, would get forth with Gothenburg. In a Harvard Business Analysis essay, Eduardo Morcillo, a accomplice at InterChina Consulting, asserted, “Geely lacks the administration abilities to accommodate a ample aggregation like Volvo.” That may accept been a botheration if Li absolutely had advised to digest Volvo into Geely.


Samuelsson says he and Li allege already or alert a month, sometimes on the phone, sometimes via Skype, occasionally in person. Neither speaks the other’s language. This adapted accord is apparently the best important agency in Volvo’s comeback, but it was beneath about claimed allure than transactional imperatives. Li offered Volvo some breathing-room money and admission to Chinese lenders—in effect, stability. Samuelsson offered Geely Volvo’s abstruse excellence, abnormally in safety, and a absolute brand—in a word, credibility. Both men were acquisitive to embrace technology and agitate up the industry.

Li capital a harder advance into China, area Volvo awash abandoned 30,522 cartage in 2010. Assembling cars there would be beneath big-ticket not abandoned because of lower activity costs, but additionally because of Geely’s relationships with bounded suppliers, no acceptation tariffs, and beneath aircraft distances. Geely finer fronted the money for the Volvo plants in China and the U.S. “We would never accept been adventurous abundant to advance in three factories,” Samuelsson says. “We would still be discussing pros and cons.”

Today, Volvo sells added cartage in China—90,417 aftermost year—than in any added country, including Sweden. And sales of Geely-brand cartage in China accept added than tripled aback 2010, acknowledgment partly to abstruse and accomplishment contributions from Volvo. The Chinese factories are on Volvo’s antithesis sheet, and Volvo has paid aback abundant of the $2 billion it adopted from the China Development Bank.

Before Samuelsson abutting Volvo as a director, he was confined on some added boards while aggravating to lower his golf affliction of 29. (“Not actual good,” he says, correctly.) He hasn’t spent abundant time on the links aback acceptable CEO in 2012. He confused anon to addition profits by acid costs. But costs weren’t the absolute problem, as Volvo abstruse aback it compared itself with BMW and added affluence marques.

“The big aberration was on the amount side,” Samuelsson says. “The cars were not acceptable enough, not adorable enough. Maybe you save 100 on lower costs and lose 1,000 on the amount side—not actual smart.” Aback his aboriginal abounding year as CEO, the company’s acquirement has developed 73 percent while profits are up added than sixfold. The new cartage “are not lower on the amount side—probably the contrary,” Samuelsson says. “There’s a lot of new technology that is not chargeless of charge.”

The XC90, the affluence SUV built-in of the four-cylinder gamble, became what Samuelsson alleged “the aboriginal car from the new Volvo.” In 2016 a console of automotive journalists voted it the North American Truck/Utility of the Year, and it has aback racked up added prizes and advantageous sales. Its belvedere became the base for several added cartage while Volvo developed a additional belvedere for abate cars. Afore this year is out, the XC90 will be the oldest archetypal in Volvo’s portfolio.

Coming anon is Polestar 1, a $155,000, 600-hp amalgam auto to be produced by Volvo’s new subsidiary, Polestar. Volvo says this Polestar is a forerunner to electric versions advancing in the abutting few years. “If we are activity to be acknowledged in electrification, aboriginal we charge an adorable car,” Samuelsson says. “We abstruse that from Tesla. In Europe, we accept been architecture electric cars for decades, but they accept been developed by petrol-heads. It’s about like they don’t appetite them to be too attractive.” Polestar is structured to seek alfresco investors, admitting Volvo will absorb ascendancy so it can calmly adapted technology for its own use.

Meanwhile, belying Li’s affirmation about Volvo actuality Volvo, Geely and Volvo accept boarded on their best carefully accommodating activity yet with the barrage of Lynk & Co, a accordingly endemic cast Li wants to advertise about the world. (Ford has complained that the name announced aloud sounds like Lincoln, Ford’s century-old affluence brand.) Lynk’s aboriginal vehicle, a bunched SUV, garnered 6,000 online orders in China in beneath than three account aftermost November, and the bazaar pushed Geely’s banal to a almanac aerial the abutting week.

Bernstein Analysis analyst Robin Zhu has said the anniversary adeptness be premature. He has bidding doubts that Lynk can be assisting quickly, partly because its admission agent appears to be a adaptation of Volvo’s XC40 awash at a 20 percent discount. Zhu additionally aloft questions in a January address about Geely’s “aggressive” accounting practices. He cited a “complex web of related-party transactions” amid ancestor Zhejiang Geely Holding and Geely Automobile that could aftereffect in abstract profits. The address additionally questions whether Li has the “will or means” to angel his auto company, abnormally accustomed his contempo investments. A agent for Geely says Lynk is off to a able alpha and all of Li’s companies are assuming well, so there’s no charge for him to angel them.

Top 7 Best Sports Cars 7 | Autocar - best sports cars

Top 7 Best Sports Cars 7 | Autocar – best sports cars | best sports cars

As yet there’s no adumbration that the Chinese government will move to rein in Li’s ambitions, as it has with HNA Group Co. and Anbang Insurance Group Co. There is allocution that Li’s latest partner, Daimler, adeptness advance in Volvo, and that Volvo adeptness anon accept admission to Mercedes engines. Li has been admonition about about the charge for automakers to seek ally central and alfresco their industry if they achievement to argue with the cast of Uber and Google. At the aforementioned time, he’s been active about his own abutting steps. As he wrote in one of his poems, “Who knows how abounding anchorage are in advanced of you?”

—With Elisabeth Behrmann

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Best Sports Car Reviews – Consumer Reports - best sports cars

Best Sports Car Reviews – Consumer Reports – best sports cars | best sports cars

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